Create Your 5 Year Plan With This Easy Goal Grid

Create Your 5 Year Plan With This Easy Goal Grid

A couple of years ago I was offered the open assignment to create a five year plan for my life.  No worksheets or instructions were provided.  Write a 5 year plan.  That’s it.  Now get to it.

Cut to me sitting at home looking at an empty Word doc that was mocking me with its smug little blinking cursor.  My first reaction was to write my plan out with all the words.  If you have read a single post on this blog, then you know I’m a fan of all of my little word friends.  I don’t want to leave any of them out.  However, 5 years of hypothetical life requires a lot of sentences.  Where would this girl find that kind of time?

Enter the Goal Grid

Yeah, that smug Word doc was mocking me, but, my mind that loves all the words also loves finding efficiency.  An idea struck.  I turned to my art journal, and I drew a grid that looked a little something like this:

That’s it.  I drew 30 simple boxes that would organize my life plan, and it has proven remarkably effective at doing just that.  It’s really simple.  In each small box I placed my goals in their most essential form.  “Learn Spanish” may be a good fit in education.  “Create Emergency Fund” is a great one for Financial.  

Once your goal grid is complete, you will have an easy to follow roadmap for your future.  Best yet, you can make modifications over time, which is awfully difficult to do when your life plan is written in sentences.

Try It Yourself

Interested in hatching plans for your next five years?  Well, I decided to make a 5 Year Goal Grid in Excel to help you along.  You could even use your own art journal.  Take that, Word.doc.  We didn’t need you anyway. 

Melody grew up in poverty, and she was homeless throughout most of her childhood. Even after the hard work of getting out of poverty was accomplished, she still lived in fear of the next bad thing that could happen. She knew that, without the security of a safety net, one misstep would mean certain disaster. It was not until this safety net was established that she truly felt liberated and free from the anxiety of living in poverty once again. She is now motivated to share this sense of freedom with all women.


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