The 4 Ingredient “Recipe” for the Common Cold

The 4 Ingredient & $5 “Recipe” for the Common Cold

Back in early Spring I got hit really hard by a cold. The coughing, the congestion, the fevers. Unrelenting. Just when I was nearing the end of multi-week misery, I developed a painful middle ear infection since I was traveling with all of the congestion.

I went into the doctor’s office for the earache. I left with both Z-Pak, and a post-it note. On said post-it note was a “recipe” for the common cold as told to me by the physician’s assistants. Before leaving the office, I went to the in-house pharmacy and procured the ingredients to have on hand. When it comes to the common cold, it’s never a matter of if. It’s a matter of when.

Just so happens that “when” occurred late last week.   As I was launching this here blog, I started to get the symptoms of yet another common cold. So, here you will find my review of the common cold recipe. It includes: 

Nasal Decongestant Spray

The brand name in question is “Afrin”, but I bought a generic version available at the health center.   I only spent $2.50 at the pharmacy. It’s available for as low as $3.29 on Amazon. The reason that the spray was recommended, over a pill based decongestant, is that with the spray the medicine goes exactly where it is needed (as opposed to coursing through your body). The rule with the spray decongestant, as described by the PA, is that you can only use it for up to three days. If you use it for longer than that, then I guess your body gets used to it and then you will be stuffy even when the cold is over. I only needed it the first day because the next ingredient did a fine job of keeping my sinuses clear.

Tussin CF

I was instructed not to get the name brand of this one either. I picked up Good Neighbor Pharmacy brand, again at the health center pharmacy, for $3.29. I wasn’t able to find that particular brand online, but I did find this one for $2.30 with free shipping. I was quite pleased with the Tussin CF. It is a non-drowsy formula, and pretty much ridded me of every symptom of the common cold but for that foggy head feeling. It was the most surreal feeling to have an asymptotic common cold. More on the downside of that below.


While this is age-old advice, there has been surprisingly little in the way of research to back it up.  I can say that, in my case, I remained thirsty, so I kept drinking. The more water I drank the better I felt.


This is the one I struggled with the most. I have a job, and I now have this side hustle. To make matters worse, having an asymptomatic cold made me take my bad health for granted. So, what did I decide to do? I thought it would be a great idea to wake up early and vacuum out my car. That didn’t end well. I took a nap that day.

The Bottom Line

I found this “recipe” for the common cold to be quite effective. Less than a week later, and my common cold was gone.  Even when I was sick I didn’t really feel that sick.  I was plenty able to work throughout the day without losing productivity.  I definitely recommend it.

One last thing, I have presented a positive review of this cold “recipe” provided by one of my healthcare professionals.  However, you should always consult your own healthcare squad to make sure you are making the best decisions for your wellness.   If you choose to listen to me over your own trained medical professional, then you should consider your life choices.

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