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The women’s site that loves good men


So, you are visiting a site called HerOwn.Net, and you’re not a her, and you are wondering if you can still hang with us?

Of course you can. We love men, and it is not our mission to exclude readers that don’t share our gender. It is our mission, though, to help women live better lives.  In order to do so we have to understand her and what she needs from us.  We need to speak to her first and foremost.

So, as long as you understand that, join us in our pursuit of a life well lived.

“The natural desire of good men is knowledge.”

Plus, we love the good men in our lives. Want to know why?

Because, where women and finances are concerned, we need some fans to rally behind us at home, at work, at school, and in our communities.

In addition to all the articles and fun and games across this site that you are welcome to partake in, we also recommend the resources below for the good men in our HerOwn.Net community.


Oh, one more thing.

If you would like a site like this just for men, then, please, let us know.

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