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A lifestyle site, built for her, which centers upon ownership of life’s most precious resources.


The mission of HerOwn.Net is to become the best, most supportive, and most innovative personal finance experience that she can’t live without.

HerOwn.Net will:

  • Provide personal finance advice built for her
  • Enable women of all classes to become financially self-sufficient
  • Use innovative technologies to connect with her and help her connect with other women on the same journey
  • Provide challenges, lessons, and guidance on how to save money though everyday small decisions that make a big impact on her bottom line
  • Provide a mind-calming space where she can learn in a non-judgmental environment
  • Be frank without being forceful

If we ever fail in this mission, then we definitely want to hear from you.

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“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.”

 The bus stop bench that changed everything

HerOwn.Net founder, Melody Smith Jones, knows what it is like to hit rockbottom.  She was born there.  Having grown up homeless, she didn’t know much about growing a life she would be proud to call her own.  One day, while in junior high school, she was waiting for the city bus to take her wherever home was at the time, and her mind started to wander.  She had learned how to survive in a life of poverty, but she wanted more.  Having been transferred to a school with students from middle and upper class America, she wanted to know what caused their life to be so different from hers.  Why did they have homes and she did not?  What magic ingredient gave their parents income that hers did not have?  She decided that the difference was education.  She then reasoned that if she knew what they knew, then she could live like them as well.  It worked.

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The student becomes the teacher

In January 2014, many of Melody’s friends were taking part in the Snap Out of It challenge. Participants were asked to restrict their food budget to the allowance provided to those living on food stamps. She witnessed her friends posting pictures and tips on Facebook. She responded by posting her own tips, which she called, “Living like an ex homeless girl”, and drew a following. Women that were taking part in the challenge asked her if she would teach a course on the topic. Since creating social communities and serious games is how she makes her livelihood, that evening the idea for HerOwn.Net was created.