Affiliate Disclaimer

The mission of HerOwn.Net is to provide a personal finance resource that will always be free to the women that use it.  As a result, HerOwn.Net is funded through advertising and affiliate relationships.  While these relationships exist, we always have and will continue to only recommend products and services that are of value to our audience.  We are just as apt to tell you when a product or service does not work as we are to tell you about products and services that we like.

Examples of our advertising and affiliate relationships include Google and Amazon.  We pursued relationships because the ethics and values of these organizations are in line with our own.  In order to participate in these programs, sites like HerOwn.Net need to pass a stringent application process.  Some affiliate relationships require a much lower threshold for participation, which makes it easier for content publishers like HerOwn.Net to place advertising on our pages.  We did not pursue these advertising relationships because they were not in sync with our ethics and standards.

Always feel free to contact us should you have any questions about our advertising or affiliate relationships.